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Technology advancements are gaining momentum in all facets of our world today. Within each technology sector, there are specialized groups responsible for these advancements. Their passion, imagination and complete understanding of the technology in which they’re associated helps fuel the desire to innovate. Education, promotion and support is critical in order for these new technologies to take hold. These are the environments Evo-Lite calls home. Evo-Lite has been instrumental in the advancement of LED Light Panel technologies for use in backlighting translucent surfaces. Established in 2005, Evo-Lite began adopting emerging thin lighting technologies typically reserved for use in Televisions, Computer Monitors and Laptops as an economical solution for backlighting translucent materials. Evo-Lite harnesses over 75 years of combined experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of illuminated signage and architectural features. We are prepared with industry leading knowledge of how these technologies can be integrated into the world around us to create unique, one of a kind features. “We’ve helped create a disruptive technology which has initiated a paradigm shift in the way people think about light. It’s now our responsibility to support it.” David Brooks – President, Evo-Lite

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